Virtual Reality Meets Meditation

Virtual Reality Meets Meditation

A good old-fashioned meditation session is always good for our mental health, sense of presence, and positive emotions. However, virtual reality can make it a whole lot better. It turns out virtual reality meditation systems are quite a big help to a lot of people.

Tech companies have managed to create VR-based meditation apps that might actually be a game changer in this faced-paced world we live in. Whether you’re a middle school student, an undergraduate student, or a CEO, this is sure to help you out. Stick with us and we’ll go over this tech that you can use and get your mindful awareness up and your negative emotion down.

The Benefits

The whole point of meditation is to give you an experience with mindfulness, and a better sense of presence. Now don’t worry, you don’t have to move to the Himalayas and become a monk to get this right. The best part about using a virtual environment to help you is that it can work like a meditation chamber in your own home.

The goal of virtual reality meditation is to eliminate different types of stimuli around you. Closing our eyes or focusing on an object gets rid of the visual distraction, but auditory stimuli can be tricky. A ticking clock, a dripping faucet, or just the humming of your kitchen appliances, that’s where the VR comes in.

Previous studies prove that even short-term meditation sessions come with mental health benefits, boosting the trait mindfulness, and increasing our present-moment awareness. These benefits alone prove to help learners focus and increase their academic performance.

Think of it as a workout for your mind.

Meditation Techniques Are Going Virtual

Although you are surely aware that virtual reality is primarily used for gaming, meditation is one of the creative applications of virtual reality. Put on a headset and imagine yourself transported to a mountainside where the peaceful sounds of nature wash over you. Instead of staring at a blank wall in your house, you’re looking out onto a lovely scene free of distractions.

Because of the immersive features of VR, meditating in this manner can offer a reasonably realistic impression of a calm, stress-free getaway in nature, unlike anything else you’ve ever encountered.

A Unique Meditation Experience

While technology and meditation aren’t new, VR offers something distinct from audiobooks, podcasts, or YouTube-guided meditation sessions.

The most notable feature is the immersive nature of VR, which is achieved through the use of a three-dimensional viewing environment mixed with spatial audio.

It’s the closest that technology has gotten to replicating how we see and hear in real life while inside a digital realm. When you combine this with the capacity to interact with items and environments, you have a very unique method of meditation.

A Better Visual Environment

One of the initial benefits of meditation in VR is the ability to immediately block out your immediate surroundings. Noise-canceling headphones are a fantastic method to filter out boisterous family members or loud traffic sounds. When you put on the headset, you eliminate any visual distractions, even if it’s simply light filtering through your eyelashes.

On the one hand, some people may prefer the effort of meditating in order to avoid regular distractions. Working on their mental discipline is part of their meditation practice. However, using a headset makes it easier to experience meditation for the first time, which should inspire more individuals to try it.

The Meditation Game

One of the most fascinating features of the developing genre of VR meditation is the incorporation of game mechanisms by some developers. In the wonderful, neon-colored world of Flowbourne, for example, you can control your travel across the calming level designs by simply breathing. It works by placing the hand controller on your stomach/chest and allowing the small movements caused by your breathing to propel you ahead in the virtual world.

Meanwhile, in the meditation game PLAYNE, your goal is to complete meditation sessions in order to grow the surrounding trees on your island. Set in a wooded environment, you even have a fox buddy with whom you may converse to learn about the game’s plot and seek health advice.

Is It For You?

Ultimately, a universal meditation app that caters to everyone’s preferences does not yet exist, and the apps that are now available have lots of opportunity for improvement. However, given the variety of experiments among VR meditation apps, it’s absolutely worth investigating. VR meditation might be an entry point for first-time meditators as well as a fantastic yet imaginative approach to mix up your present practice.

And all it takes is probably a Samsung Gear VR, and an email address to escape the physical environment.

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