3 Branding SECRETS Every Business Needs To Know – Mel Judson – Ep. 6

Are you tired of losing deals to your competition? You have to feel dejected when someone with less experience — worse customer service — takes your deal. There's a solution! And that is your BRANDING. When you brand your business better, you get more deals. My guest on today's podcast, MEL JUDSON, is one of the top BRANDING EXPERTS for social media creators and small and medium-sized businesses. Listen, as she gives you the “3 Most Common Branding Mistakes” and tells you how to overcome these problems with her “3 Branding Secrets Every Business Needs to Know.” Mel, CEO of http://www.meljudson.com, is a “digital nomad.” She runs her business and works with her team from around the world! If you would like to track her adventures, follow her on Instagram: @mel_judson, Facebook: @https://www.facebook.com/meljudsonstudio, and Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/meljudson/ Thank you for listening! USEFUL INFORMATION: It would be wonderful if you could review my show on Apple Podcasts.

About the Author
I'm a lawyer passionate about the money-making potential of the Metaverse!

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