How to Get Into The Metaverse

How to Get Into The Metaverse

Everyone in the tech industry has been talking about the Metaverse, but very few people know how to access this virtual reality. It’s almost surreal, thinking that by just putting on a virtual reality headset, you can interact with people as digital avatars, go to virtual events, and buy some digital clothing if you like. It’s as if someone took the movie, Ready Player One a bit too seriously.

This virtual environment isn’t for online games either, right now metaverse platforms are creating new ways for people to work, learn, and make money. You’re probably wondering, “How can I get a piece of this?” So we’ve shown you how to get into the Metaverse.

Virtual Worlds? 3D Environments?

The metaverse is made up of multiple platforms. Decentraland, for instance is attempting to create a decentralized society in which users are also creators. There are free to build houses and neighborhoods that use blockchain to complete transactions. The platforms are also developing their own money, which users can use to purchase digital assets such as a character or a plot of land as an NFT.

So as you can see, there is no single Metaverse now, rather there are several. However, they are all in their early stages of development. The world in which people can connect with each other in a virtual cosmos using immersive real-time 3D interaction is still a scenario that today’s technology is not prepared to handle. However, in the previous several months, there have been numerous inventive breakthroughs in the Metaverse.

Augmented reality and 3D designing has come a long way in the last few years and aims to take the digital environments to a whole new level.

What Gadgets Will I Need?

An Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset is required to fully explore the Metaverse. It has a graphics chip and storage components that are incorporated directly into the headset. It has six built-in external tracking cameras that track the location of your head and hands within a space, eliminating the need for additional tracking sensors.

Along with the headgear, you get an oculus touch controller, which has a joystick and buttons for grabbing and interacting with virtual items. All this equipment works together to give you the best immersive experiences you can have while navigating different virtual worlds. The goal is to swap out real life for a digital experience, and it looks like that’s going quite well.

You’ll Need an Avatar

While the Metaverse is all about making your own virtual environment, the first step is clearly to create your own digital avatar. Decentraland provides a panel where you can design and customize your avatar. It allows you to modify your hair, eye color, attire, and even accessorize your avatar.

If you don’t like what your character is wearing, you can always alter it. That’s the beauty of it!

Put on Your Virtual Hiking Shoes

Once you’ve decided on your character’s appearance, you’ll be dumped at Genesis Plaza, which serves as a starting point in Decentraland. It may take some time for you to acclimate to your surroundings. Characters will continue to appear on your left and right. After then, it’s time for you to be teleported.

After all, this is what the Metaverse is all about: traveling wherever you want without having to walk or drive. Decentraland pans out the grid, allowing you to select any of the spots established by other users and teleport yourself there.

Gaming Experiences Galore

The metaverse and its popular platforms may have a lot of features, but online video games are their specialty. Now, that you know how to plug in, there are tons of game worlds waiting to be explored. In some virtual spaces there are entire games that even give you the chance to make some money, kind of like how Axie Infinity is, but with a lot more interactive experience added to it.

Meet Active Players

You have the possibility to create new pals while playing the game. You can use this time to talk to other players and find out how they feel about Metaverse. The platform, like many online multiplayer games, gives users the opportunity to socialize and chat.

They can then create new acquaintances and explore Metaverse’s virtual environment together. The online community for any platform has a wide range of people to meet, so start mingling!

You’re All Set

As you can see, the metaverse experience is unlike any other. It’s a place for gamers, tech enthusiasts, professionals, and hobbyists. There’s no other social platform like it and frankly, it looks like the virtual experience is only going to get better from here. So it’s best that you get your digital life together right now!

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