How to Enter The Metaverse

How to Enter The Metaverse

A virtual environment so attractive that people would rather “live” there than in reality, the Metaverse in the 1990s novel Snow Crash, the Matrix in the 2000s Matrix movies, and OASIS in the 2010s novel and movie Ready Player One is responsible for that. However, people have been fantasizing about this type of computerized, all-encompassing, futuristic universe for decades. In the 2020s, we’re back to calling it the metaverse, and it feels more genuine than ever. But what exactly is the metaverse, and how can we enter it?

Let’s take a look at how to enter the metaverse and get the most out of it.

Access Granted

Accessing the metaverse necessitates the use of specialized hardware (phones, laptops, headsets, 3D screens, gloves, and so on) as well as software (games, programs, etc.). What you require is determined by what you intend to do.

To play most popular VR games, for example, you’ll need a VR headset and controllers. Headsets range in price from $30 models to $1,000 high-end setups with several cameras and sensory outputs. Real high-tech stuff.

Because there is no uniform metaverse, each corporation creates its own platform, headsets, and other technology. Meta, NVIDIA, Epic Games, Microsoft, Apple, Decentraland, Roblox Corporation, Unity Software, Snapchat, The Sandbox, and Amazon are currently key players.

Meta, Oculus (now owned by Meta), Sony, HTC, Pico, Valve, and Samsung are the most popular systems for accessing the metaverse right now.

Virtual Activities in Virtual Reality

Right now, the metaverse offers so much more than just online video games. It has become a popular platform for different business models that some of the biggest brands are getting behind.

That’s right, we’re talking about social networks, gaming platforms, and digital communities all working together to grow a new virtual economy. This is all working to provide an immersive metaverse experience where augmented reality gives all kinds of users more than just a game experience. Right now, we have the chance to engage in different social experiences, support E-commerce platforms, and even purchase virtual property.

Now that sounds like something straight out of Neal Stephenson’s mind.

What’s Out There?

At the moment, different virtual worlds offer different virtual experiences. For example, let’s look at the Sandbox metaverse. In this virtual space you have the opportunity to actually purchase plots of land and deal in virtual real estate.

Let’s have a look at what’s out there right now.

NFT Trading

Non-fungible tokens are a type of digital asset that is held in a blockchain and represents a real asset, most commonly music, art (particularly popular memes), in-game items, and films. If you can predict what will be popular, creating, buying, and selling NFTs can be a rich business.

Virtual Land and Real Estate

Investors are buying up digital areas, including “locations,” in the same way that individuals are buying up land in the physical world. Purchasing virtual real estate requires the use of virtual currency, often known as cryptocurrency, to purchase directly from a virtual developer. The Sandbox and Decentraland are now the two most popular platforms, each with its own currency (SAND and MANA, respectively).


The opportunity to make money through marketing and greater sales is what draws most businesses to the metaverse, and it is where much of the technology development is now concentrated. The idea is to deliver a shopping experience that is even better than what you could experience in person. For example, you could try on virtual clothing using a digital avatar that matches your physical measurements, allowing you to try on numerous dresses for that forthcoming wedding without ever leaving your house or messing up your hair.

Gucci (through The Sandbox), Ralph Lauren and Nike (via Roblox), and Balenciaga and Moncler (via Fortnite) have all experimented with metaverse stores. While they are not completely operational stores, the idea is to provide both tangible products and digital-only offerings such as NFTs, avatars, and clothes.

Entertainment in Immersive Spaces

Aside from games, the metaverse is ideal for various forms of entertainment. Virtual movie theaters, for example, provide a far superior experience than home televisions. Ariana Grande, The Chainsmokers, and Travis Scott have all presented digital performances in the metaverse, where fans received a much better view than nosebleed seats in real life, as well as digital features that made the events more immersive.

The Metaverse Hype Isn’t Going Anywhere

Who knew that by just throwing on a virtual reality headset, you could dive into a number of immersive experiences, game worlds, and even a rising metaverse economy. It goes without saying, that the metaverse is next step in human ingenuity and this digital space will only get better over the years. So, it’s best you get on track ASAP!

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