Want to Avoid BLOCKED Posts? 5 Tips for FAIR USE on Social Media – Ep. 7

Have you ever received a copyright strike on YouTube? Perhaps you've had a post blocked on Instagram? If so, this episode of Social Media Law with Ian Corzine is for YOU! I discuss the meaning of Fair Use, and how to implement it in your social media pos...

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3 Branding SECRETS Every Business Needs To Know – Mel Judson – Ep. 6

Are you tired of losing deals to your competition? You have to feel dejected when someone with less experience -- worse customer service -- takes your deal. There's a solution! And that is your BRANDING. When you brand your business better, you get more ...

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Dangers of Not Having an ADA-Compliant Website – 5 Tips on How Not to Get Sued! – Ep. 5

WARNING Creator -- You are in danger of being sued for ADA Website violations! With penalties of between $75,000 - $150,000, you need to protect yourself and your website. Don't know how to do this? Don't know what the Americans with Disabilities Act ("A...

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13 Life-Changing Social Media Apps for Your Business That Immediately Help You Make More Money and Save Time!

Do you want to make more $MONEY$ with your business? Wondering how to save time and be more efficient? If so, you're ready for today's Social Media Law Podcast in which I discuss 13 life-changing social media apps for your business that will make you mor...

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3 Social Media Networking Secrets Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know!!! – Tom Means – Ep. 3

Tom Means of PCH Benefits (http://pchbenefits.com) joins me for a lively discussion about the current state of social media for small businesses in Southern California. He explains what works in the real world, and what doesn't. Tom is a master networker...

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Privacy DISASTERS on Social Media and How to Avoid Them with Catherine Bosley – Ep. 2

Catherine Bosley, an award-winning, veteran journalist joins Ian Corzine, Your Social Media Lawyer, for a provocative discussion about one fateful night when she decided to let it all hang loose at a Key West bar, and then suffered through years of legal...

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Craig Poulsen – Ep. 1

Craig Poulsen of the popular YouTube channel "Craig's Tech Talk" joins Ian Corzine, Your Social Media Lawyer, for the first ever Social Media Law with Ian Corzine Podcast. In this episode, we discuss all things tech, like the usability of the Amazon Echo...

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