What is Virtual Reality Therapy

It’s not unusual to use virtual reality for entertainment. If you’ve ever put on a VR headset, you’re probably aware of how immersive the experience is. But virtual reality isn’t just for entertainment and social interaction: it’s also becoming a popular tool for mental health care.

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Understanding Article 13: The Meme-Killer Law

In March of 2019, in a 348 to 274 vote , the European Union’s Parliament enacted Article 13, which has been renumbered Article 17 of the Copyright Directive. Article 13, or what YouTubers call “the meme-killing law” says the following: If an online content-sharing ↪️ service like YouTube or Twitch publishes a creator’s video that…

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Net Neutrality on YouTube: Explained

As a YouTube 🖥️ content creator, it’s important to understand net neutrality 🌐 and how it could affect you, if at all. Some common questions YouTubers have about net neutrality are: ❓ What is net neutrality? ❓ Does net neutrality affect YouTube? ❓ Can ISPs slow down network connection? ❓ What is the law about…

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What We Can Learn from the Ariana Grande Copyright Case

We all know that Grammy award-winning artist 🎤 Ariana Grande can belt out just about any tune. However, here’s something you may not know: She’s also has been involved in a copyright lawsuit. 😯 If that fact doesn’t surprise you, this one might: Grande was sued for posting a picture of herself on Instagram 📸….

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Five Ways to Stop Music Copyright Claims on your YouTube Channel

Music 🎵 copyright claims have frustrated YouTubers for years, but within the past several months, they’ve become a much larger problem. Lately, record labels like Sony and Warner Brothers have systematically issued copyright claims against big channels like MrBeast and James Charles, as well as smaller channels that want to use music for educational reasons…

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YouTube Comment News and Legal Analysis

In February of 2019, YouTube began disabling comments 💬 on videos that featured children. This change was a direct result of YouTuber Matt Watson’s video that demonstrated how easy it was to leave predatory comments on children’s channels. In response, huge corporations such as Disney, Nestle, and AT&T halted advertisements on all channels – a…

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Deepfakes: A New Legal Nightmare

Even if you don’t know what a deepfake is, you’ve probably still seen some online. A deepfake is a video 📹 or video still in which a person in the video swaps his or her face 👱 with another’s. You can find some impressive examples here. How it works Deepfake videos are created using a…

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